10 things will make you more happiness

10 things will make you more happiness

10 things will make you more happiness

happiness is a difficult thing to measure. It’s a spectrum — not an absolute. There’s a whole science behind our happiness levels, why they fluctuate, and what we can do to boost them.

1- Volunteer
In helping others, you also help yourself. That’s because altruism is proven to boost happiness. So spend some time volunteering for a community, charity, or religious organization. The more often you give back, the more self-satisfaction you’ll receive. Volunteering will also help you live longer, according to some studies.

2- Go Shopping

Retail therapy isn’t just a buzz phrase invented to help women feel better about over-spending on shoes. There’s real science behind it. A study published in 2011 found that treating yourself to a shopping trip is an effective way to elevate your mood. It doesn’t have to be a big-time shopping spree, either. Allowing yourself to indulge in even the smallest of purchases can have just as strong of a mood enhancing effect

3- Try Something New
People who participate in bold, new activities and collect unique experiences are more likely to retain more positive memories than negative ones. The more positive memories we keep, the lighter we become. So go shopping online & use coupon discount.

4- Spend Time With Your Favorite best friend

Spending time with best friend is a fool-proof happiness booster &Breathe Deeply Taking deep, slow breaths on a regular basis can help you relax. Breathing deeply also prevents disease, slows the aging process, and increases happiness.

5- Practice Forgiveness
By offering someone our forgiveness — no matter how grave the offense — we let go of the hurt and anger that person stirred in us, thereby creating more space for happier emotions. On our journey to collect joy from our everyday surroundings, we must also dispose of any residual negativity. Saying, “I forgive you,” is a great start & Give Thanks
Grateful people are more likely to be happy and optimistic. So don’t save it all for Thanksgiving. Make a habit of showing gratitude for the circumstances and people around you ,you can write your way to happiness. Penning your feelings helps your brain process and expunge the negatives ones, leaving you more joyful.

6- Go Outside
People are happiest in nature. Take a Minute Walk
A brisk walk is one of the best exercises for you brain to start those feel-good hormones ,Get Some Fresh Air that will make you more happiness .

7- Laugh & Smile & Sing Your Heart Out
They say laughter is the best medicine, and in many ways it’s true. Studies show that a dose of hearty laughter can boost your immune system as well as your heart rate, giving you a natural high similar to the one you feel after a great workout, Smile like you mean it. Even if you don’t, studies show that the act of turning the corners of your mouth up will make you feel better. That’s because a smile — even a forced one — decreases stress,
Singing, particularly in a choir, gives the body a shot of endorphins and dopamine — the same hormones that produce the “runner’s high” people feel after pounding out a few miles on the pavement. But a singer’s high comes with all sorts of added benefits — stress reduction, pain alleviation, and an overall feeling of contentment.

8- Be an Optimist
A positive outlook on life is an important predictor of resilience. People who are optimistic tend to be happier, healthier, and more successful in the workplace.

9- Water

Drink More Water Hydrating your body and skin will keep you looking younger longer. It can also help you lose weight, boost your mood, and increase your brain power, Take a Warm Bath
A long, warm soak in the tub can alleviate stress and bolster relaxation. Add essential oils to the water for added skin hydration, Listen to Running Water The sound of running water — be it from a rolling brook, waterfall, or faucet — is proven to lower stress, boost happiness, and evoke a feeling of calm.

10- Listen to Music

Music will make you more happiness, reduce stress, elevate mood & a slew of other wonderful things that are great for our physical and emotional betterment. Listening to fast music can actually motivate and increase endurance, while slow music can help a person relax.

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