describe feeling about fibromyalgia | personal experience

describe feeling about fibromyalgia | personal experience

How do you describe your feeling about fibromyalgia?

No words to describe how awful it is it’s a living hell, It makes feel like I have a life no more. But we have compiled few of the pain description tell us by My friend Marie, Marie is my best girlfriend of 25 years old,Marie talks about her personal experience with fibromyalgia ,and she is describe her feeling about fibromyalgia .

pain clinical trials for fibromyalgia 2020 ,my friend Marie say, Pain that moves around your body,Imagine the worst flu you have ever had then multiply that by 10, then imagine having been beaten ,or hit by a car , then think about the most exhausted you have ever been and multiply by 10. And maybe you can imagine how a good day living with Fibromyalgia feels.

A bad day really defies all understanding and comprehension, Fibro can cause a wide range of symptoms (such as brain fog, fatigue and sleep disturbances), though chronic, widespread musculoskeletal pain tends to be one of the primary, characteristic symptoms of the condition. But as those with fibro know, the pain is complex and varied, and can manifest in a number of different ways.

describe feeling about fibromyalgia |personal experience

You fight to pretend that you are not hurting and you try not to cry out or just cry. You feel tired but you cannot sleep only a version of sleep where you hear everything and you become adrenaline charged wide awake. Heart pounding and exhausted you go back down if you can at all. Your finger and toe tips sometimes go numb and you cannot stand being cold.


Your muscles knot and twist and you try to relax and not not tense because a excruciating headache might be next. You have bouts of depression and I personally run away in music or fantasy to cope a lot, When it’s hot, your body is on fire, along with the pain, and every bit of energy is drained from you. When it’s cold, the intense stabbing in your bones can bring you to your knees, It never ends.

– Marie say : fibromyalgia make me feel like a tin woman ,i feel like a prisoner in my own body! Never knowing what torture is coming next , my muscles feel like they are being torn and tugged, I need my hips replaced; cut me off at the waist because lower half just used friendly, Fibromyalgia makes my bones ache like they are breaking. It makes my muscles throb, my skin burn. It’s stabbing pains in my chest, and soreness in my joints. It’s headaches that make you think your head could burst, ADD the psychological pain of the life I have lost to this illness.

describe feeling about fibromyalgia |personal experience

– I have a ghost that loves to squeeze my body parts, like someone digging their fingers into your skin and grabbing your muscles in a tight vice grip, Fibromyalgia is definitely my life-changer. I don’t look sick, but i am. However, I’m a blessed person in that I have more good days than bad, and for me, that’s enough for now.

What does it take to live with the symptoms of fibromyalgia

Mary say It is a way of life. I’ve made changes to every aspect of my life, some simple and some key, to adapt to the symptoms of fibromyalgia and reduce the things that worsen it, To help adapt your life to fibromyalgia, Mary wrote about her usual day.

The alarm goes off at 6 o’clock, before getting out of bed, I do a mental assessment of the rest of my body. My hands are tough but not too painful for a change. Shoulders and knees look fine. Feet swollen and stiff, and I still suffer from walking.


I’m still lying down, doing some light on my hips, neck, and arms. Then I sit slowly so I don’t feel dizzy and do some extensions. This is a mixture of yoga, physiotherapy, and the things I went through over the years that helped keep me comfortable, taking two painful steps into the closet.I feel The rug looks like sandpaper making my feet hurt( without slippers ).

I soak in the hot water and pour in some Epsom salts for as long as I can and get out feeling toasty warm and My muscles have loosened up a bit.

The desk chair just doesn’t feel comfortable, so I sit in a recliner and use a lap desk and pillows behind my back to make it as ergonomic as possible. I put my TENS unit on my hips, then later move it to my neck, then my shoulders, then my left leg before finally putting it away I open my laptop and get started.

I turn on the TV and spend some time checking email and social media. My brain’s a bit foggy, so I have to rewind the show a few times because I missed what was happening while I was distracted by the computer, At night,I have a calming herbal tea before bed.



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