Personal experience with Queen Air Mattress


Personal experience with OlarHike Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump for Guests, Inflatable Double High Elevated Airbed with Comfortable Top

“Sandy say” I purchased this mattress for my daughter because she especially wants a bed that can both sleep and jump.So I found this air mattress.My daughter and I are very satisfied with the mattress.It does not let us down. The air mattress is pretty magical. It took less than five minutes to blow up,and it looks a lot bigger than I imagined it would. I think it is very sturdy and pretty and soft. I’m more impressed with this air mattress than I thought I would be.It is not only easy to inflate, but also easy to deflate because it has a good electric pump.The electric pump is very convenient. I think the quality is very good. My 11-year-old daughter can jump freely on it.

Personal experience with Queen Air Mattress

Really love this air mattress. I find it really useful for temporary situations, especially in an apartment and you don’t want to spend the money to get a permanent mattress. The quality of the top of the mattress is very comfortable for sleeping throughout the night and the mattress does not shift your weight when you’re on it. The built in pump charges the air very quickly and the hardness of the mattress can be adjusted by how much air you pump in. The deflation process is just as easy, taking only the twist of the knob the other direction and also doesn’t take a lot of time, although releasing the air without the pump (up until you have to compress it) would probably be more power conservative.

Personal experience with Queen Air Mattress

Can only fit at the very most two people, one person recommended for the most comfort on the mattress. After compressing the mattress, there are apparent creases in the mattress that shows the user a quick and easy way to fold up the mattress, even though none of these creases are apparent after the mattress is blown up with air. The container that comes with the mattress easily stores the mattress without any problems regarding the size of the bag. Overall, the mattress looks pretty sturdy and feels great – at times better than my own mattress – Although there will be some plastic smell when I open it, but it will soon disappear.

so overall I’d recommend this mattress.


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