White Toilet Paper, Smooth & Soft 3-Ply Toilet Paper


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BDSONG Ultra Comfort Care White Toilet Paper,Smooth & Soft 3-Ply Toilet Paper, Professional Series Premium Pure Natural Wood Pulp Roll Paper (10 Rolls).


White Toilet Paper, Smooth & Soft 3-Ply Toilet Paper
White Toilet Paper, Smooth & Soft 3-Ply Toilet Paper

The roll paper is soft and comfortable. The special surface treatment does not leave any fibers behind. No fluorescent dye is used. Non-irritating to the skin, no fragrance .





paper is made of high-quality native wood pulp, featured by the three-layer thick design for mild skin, so it is soft and strong. The roll paper features the flexible three-layer, which is not easy to break.

The general paper products can be used for daily life. Ideal for toilets, kitchens, workshops or restaurants.

It’s pretty durable paper, so no need to use a lot during each , wipe. Additionally, there’s no real worries about having many of those ever-so-dreaded and nasty … finger punctures! The rolls fit comfortably on the paper dispenser and each tug pulls away from the spool quite easily. Finally, the package fits rather nicely underneath my bathroom sink.

1- Fluffy and comfortable to use. I even use it as tissue because it’s so soft.
2- Thick, but not like using fabric. I don’t like toilet paper that is so thick it feels like I’m using a piece of fabric to wipe.

1- Creates a bit of lint around where the toilet roll dispenser is. I suppose that’s because of it’s extra thickness.


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