Best Weighted Blanket | Best Overall and For A Budget


This is an affordable, versatile product that offers adequate comfort and great sleep therapy for both adults and kids with autism, anxiety, insomnia, body pains and ache.

This Best Weighted Blanket soft product is 7-layered with more glass beads and less fiber for better temperature control and to comfortably take your body shape when you sleep.

Also, each layer of the glass beads is sewn in a way that prevents movement and noise when you are asleep while evenly distributing the weight of the blanket around your body.

It provides maximum comfort all year round, either during winter and summer. It basically allows you to sleep well on a cold night by keeping you warm and it doesn’t leave you leaving super hot (no need to toss aside) on a cozy night.


Soft and comfortable
Even distribution of weight
Perfect adaptation to your body and helps you sleep better
Less fiber which makes it perfect for body temperature control
Breathable fabric
A 3-year warranty


it may rip off easily at the seam, therefore, losing a lot of the beads


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